Now let’s say you want to let your team know whether or not a donor opted-in to Gift Aid. This can be accomplished by marking whether or not this took place in the <a>Admin Email</a> that is sent to the listed email addresses when a donation is made.

The template tag that we will use is {meta_donation__give_gift_aid_accept_term_condition}

This will either pass in “on” when a donor selects the checkbox, or will pass nothing if the donor does doesn’t opt-in.

Here is a visual example:

Screenshot of setting up the email with the template tag

You can see how we set aside the space with “Gift Aid:” so we know where the value would display if it is present.

Here is the email that is generated when a donor select Gift Aid:

Screenshot of the email output

Here you can see the “on” is displaying in the “Gift Aid:” area that we defined when setting up the email. If the donor didn’t opt-in to Gift Aid this area would be blank.